Chapter 03: Maiden in the Woods

As she slightly opened her hazy eyes, the light from the setting sun shone too bright. Her daze left her in a state of confusion, unable to understand why was she on the pavement or why was there a child besides her. Opening her eyes again, suddenly entering her vision was someone with black hair. He pulled the little child onto his arms so fast, that seeing it made her more dizzy. Without a moment to react, she was already in his arms, her head was being pushed against his rigid yet warm chest. Suddenly she felt as if someone was pulling the black hair boy from within his stomach, as he flung forward. His left arm, protecting their head and his right, holding onto their body with his might. It felt to her like, as if a father was desperate to protect his children from an immense danger. With a soft smile on her cherry pink lips, her eyes closed again. Unable to see, feel or hear anything. As a ringing noise slowly took over her world.




“Are you alright?”

“..ah..umm, yes..”

Saying so, she coughed a little, as she tried to open her eyes. Slight pain took over her body as her eyes narrowly viewed the world. With a lush green background, someone’s silhouette was in front of her. Think of the black hair boy, she gasped a little as her body, surprised, tried to jerk backward. But the painful ache all-over did not allow her to. As her eyes got used to the light, what she saw was something she could not believe neither understand. Bending forward toward her was a person of palish purple skin. His hair was also purplish blue and this person had two pointy edge ears on both side of his head. Scared, she tried to move and scream but her dry throat ached and the muscle of her body was in slight pain, enough to not let her move much.

“…what..whatt are yoou..?”

Stuttering a bit, with her strange, thin voice that she was not familiar with she asked. A little taken back, the purple skinned man replied with a soft smile and kind voice.

“I am Elkiv Iric. I was a bit worried, as seeing a wood elf without any weapon here.”

Hearing the surprising word, elf, that was the only thing that kept on going in her head and her stupefied face showed her unawareness of her surrounding. Seeing so, he continues with a happy tone.

“And it seems I was right to worry about it too. You seem to be in a daze of sort, let me help you to my home, its just a few yards away.”

Hearing those word, she remembered what had happen. The event that occurred only once and it was still hunting her. Her eyes showed her fear and her mouth ready to scream, her chest felt like a dry desert and being unable to help it, waters gathered around the corner of her already puffed eyes. Noticing that, Iric, a bit confused did not pry into it much but continued on in a soft, calm and kind manner.

“Sister, I mean you no harm. You seem to have been harmed and I, a bit worried, offered my help to a fellow member of my kind. I am sorry if I put you in a strange disposition. Do forgive this ignorant brother.”

Saying so, Iric bowed a little with a sympathetic face. Then he scavenged through his bag and took out a green parchment. He put in front of her.

“This scroll will take you to any place you want to go. Please take it. Take off the lace bounding the scroll and imagine the place you want to go to and it will take you there.”

Still a bit skeptic, she touch the parchment slightly, still keeping her vigilant eyes on the man. As she took off the lace, opening the scroll, to her surprise a warm light circled around her. She, as Iric said, imagined her home, her family of four. Her father reading the morning news paper, taking a sip of tea now and then, her mother working in the kitchen with a smile on her face, her little sister sitting beside their father in the dinning table, going through a manga and talk to their mother. As the warm light engulfed her, a drop of tear rolled down her cheek as she smiled a little. When the light engulfed her whole, Iric turned around and ready to be on his way home. But suddenly to his surprise, the light disappeared faster then it was suppose to. Turning around hastily, he found something strange.


He ended-up shouting a bit. Hearing the familiar voice, the elf-girl open her eyes to find herself still in the lush-green forest, still sitting on the ground covered by soft green grass. As she saw the purple skinned man running toward her with an agitated face, a bit shock as to why.

“Did you think of any place?”

He blurted out a bit fast. A bit annoyed she look at the purple skinned man and replied.

“Yes! I did think of my home, my family!”

Surprised, Iric replied a bit apologetically.

“umm.. sorry, but if you did you should be there by now. And the scroll that I make, never had any faulty production and..”

Before he could finish, cutting him off, she replied angrily.

“Are you saying its my fault!? In the first place what is with this magical teleportation! Something like that is impossible! And you say it is my fault! Yeah! Believing you was my fault!”

Saying so, she tried to get up but the pain ache all over her body. Even so, groaning a little, she got up and looked around, trying to find a place to go to. But surrounding her was only the lively lush green forest. Anger shook her mind.

“AGGRR! This darn forest!”

She turned around and as she was around to stomp the grass in front of her, instantaneously Iric appeared before her with a staff in his hand. As fast he appeared, he spun his staff. The pointy end of the staff, attached to a sharp metallic end was at the elf-girl’s throat, poking the skin a bit. Surprised, she gulp a bit, as her throat moved a little. Nervous at the situation she was about to ask but she was cut off with a question from Iric.


Scared, her shaky legs brought her to her knees. No sooner, the bulge end of the staff was already pointed at her face. Angrily with a shaky voice she shouted.

“When did I ever say I was an elf!? Do I look even like an elf!? You are the one who looks strange! I AM A HUMAN! A HUMAN GIRL!”

Surprised at the motion, Iric confused as he was about what she was saying did not remove his staff from her face. As she mustered her strength and got on her two leg, her anger showed on her face as her pale white skin turned slightly red giving a pink glow to her face. Her puff eye, watery as it was, showed her determination. Seeing so, Iric pulled back his staff but kept it ready in his hands.

“But.. you are an elf.”

Saying so, Iric stared at her face for a while. The elf-girl, not understand what he meant kept quite.

“Yep! You are an elf. A wood elf at that. Yet you speak ill of the forest and harm its creatures. You are a strange elf.”

With a proud look on his face, he continued to nod like a child forgetting about the seriousness of the moment before. A bit taken back, with a frown on her reddish pink face.

“How can I be an elf!? That jus…”

Her angry voice stopped. Iric opened his eyes, looking at what was unfolding in front of him. As she was speaking, she touched her ears, as her fingers line alone her thin ear-lopes and continue onwards, it ended with a pointy edge. She continued to touch, pull and feel. Her eyes already showed shock, even before she could understand what was happening. Iric, a bit scared, looked on the ongoing examination.


She ended up pulling her ears harder than before. Her pointy pale ears turned red from the continues smoldering. She again dropped to her knees, the shock in her eyes did not disappear even for one second. Suddenly she fainted. Iric, surprised at the result, with his quick reflex caught her before she smash against the ground.

“..ha, found you unconscious and now you go unconscious again.”

With a nervous smile, he moved his staff touch its bulge end against her hand. A white light appeared around her body, as they danced around her another white little light stopped in front of Iric’s face.

“Spirits of the Wind, allow your might to help this needy little elf to my house.”

As he spoke in a calm, smooth yet authoritative manner with a slight smile, the little light danced in front of Iric’s face for a while after which it joined its group of light dancing around making slight noise of cheering of sort.


As soon as he spoke, the light disappeared with a flash in a blink of an eye. As soon as the light disappeared, the elf-girl’s body started to lift of the ground slowly and steadily. After rising up to a certain point, the body stayed afloat in thin air. As Iric got up, he tapped her leg with the bulge end of his staff slightly as the body slowly began to move forwards. Iric, picking up his bag, also moved behind the floating body in slow pace. As they went onwards towards their destination, Iric kept on thinking about the strange behavior of the elf-girl and her stranger looking clothes.


Birds chirping, light sound of the leaves rustling. As the wind blew slight, the soft breeze made the environment calm and smoothing. Opening her eyes, she saw a wooden room, the windows were opened and the curtains parted to let the breeze blow in, the sound to the birds and leaves gave a lively feel to the room. She slowly removed the blanked tucked in with her, as she moved she felt no pain at all. Suddenly all the events the occurred before she fainted rushed in through her head, slightly making her frown as she again re-examine her ear. It was still pointy.


A bit depress, she got off the bed and saw a glass of water on the table beside. There was a note too beneath the glass. She took the glass and sniffed it a little before she poured the water down hastily. As she drank, she check the note. The writing she saw was not legible to her eyes, it seems to be written in a language she was not familiar with at all. As she got on her two legs, she look down searching for something.

Where are my shoes..

Searching for a while, being unable to find them, she gave up easily and moved towards the window. Looking outs, she saw the lush green trees, small creatures scattering around and playing with each other, birds singing without taking any notice of her. To her, this all felt somewhat new. Like as if a new sense was grown into her. She heard pure and clear noise, being able to differentiate between them easily now. This surprised her more and more.

Signss.. what is happening to me..

It increased her depression more and more, slightly down, she continued moving toward the door. Slowly she turned the nob and pull the door in-wards, into her view entered a dark room. The room was only illuminated by a single light of a lamp, the desk the lamp was on was filled with books, papers and scrolls. A few felled to the ground surrounding the desk. The disorganized materials was all over the room as she saw once her eyes got used to the dark place. As she moved towards the table, she noticed the clothe of the man she met before. The purple skinned fellow that tried to help her. The person who also threaten her and laughed at her. As she moved closer to the table, she notice him sleeping. He was still wearing his glasses, as he slept with a smirk on his drooling face. The situation reminded her of her mother, as she also used to fall asleep while work late at nights, wearing her reading glass with a smile on her face. Waters gathered around her eyes as she remembered about her family.

..can’t cry.. can’t keep on crying forever!..

She went back to the room she was previously in. She came back and covered the purple skinned man with the blanket as she noticed there was some half eaten food on the plate and spilled water on the books and parchments. Looking around the messy place she thought she should clean it up a bit.

The least I could do for my benefactor.


The sun was high in the sky as the elf-girl finished organizing the messy room, all the books were on the shelf according to the similar marking of each, the scrolls and parchments were arranged accordingly to the color marks, dusts and spider webs were also properly cleaned. By the time she finish, she was already tired and hungry.


haa… really need to eat somethin…


Turning around quickly she found that the purple skinned man felled down from his chair, stunned by what happened. As she smiled a little at that, Iric stared at her with widely open eyes.

“Haha, so you can smile, huh!”

Saying so with a grin in his face, Iric looked around, seeing the room cleaned for the first time. The room look so sparkling and clean to Iric that he could not close his open mouth.

“..You.. ou, did this?”

As Iric asked, stuttering, he kept on looking around. The elf-girl, a bit worried about if she should not have done that, answered in a helpless voice.

“..yeah.. Hope its to your liking.”


As Iric shouted a bit with tears pouring out like waterfall, his eyes sparkled. A bit surprised at first, the elf-girl smiled again.

“Its not much, to show my appreciation it was the least I could do.”


As she finished talking, her stomach growled again as her palish white face turned pink red.

“oh! Sorry! You must be hungry! I will go and cook something up!”

As Iric finished he ran toward another door, slamming it open and closing it behind him. After he left, satisfied, the elf-girl sat on the desk filled with books. The letters in the book was same as the note and some were different on the parchment. As she continue to observe, smells of delicious aroma filled the whole house.


While they were having their breakfast, the elf-girl fascinated Iric with her words. About Earth, and what has happen to her, how she does not know how she got here or why is she an elf.

“So, you are saying that you are not from here but some place called Earth..?”


“And there is no Magick, Monsters, Demons or any Creatures of Power in your world..?”


After a pause, Iric with a serious face look at the elf-girl.

“You know..”

A bit surprised and worried she replied,


“I still… I still.. What I am trying to say is.. I still don’t know your name..”

A he said that in a serious face and with a mature tone in his voice. The elf-girl could not help but sign in relief.

“..umm, yes.. My name is Elizabeth G. Reuel.. but my friends call me Eli or El”

Looking at her, as if memorizing her name, he spoke in a cheerful voice as he collected the dishes, plates and forks.

“So, Eli, would you like to go on an adventure tomorrow.”


“Yes, an adventure with monsters and treasures. I have to go inspect a place which opens when the moon is shining at its brightest, so it would be good for you to get used to living in this world, as I try to make a parchment for your way home.”

Closing her eyes, she gave the thought a while for consideration. Opening her eyes, she grinned at Iric.

“Sure, sounds fun. Might as well make use of my time here!”

As she replied with a cheerful voice, helping Iric with the dine-wares to the kitchen.

“..umm, could you, umm, please tell me your name again..?”

With a blush, looking down, shyly, Eli asked.

“Its Iric, Elkiv Iric, haha.”

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  1. Hah! I’m the First to Comment, the Story is nice, nur it’s a Bit hard to understand whose perspective it ist maybe you Should Add a Phrase like: “p.o.v. of ???“


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