Chapter 02: Mist in the Woods

Being of the Other World, this place is not meant for you. Leave.


Leave, this World is not yours to stay in. Leave now.


…why am I being told to leave hell..? or is this heaven…? nah, it must be hell.. but..

“..hey, mysterious voice.. I am dead.. right?”

“So… this must be the “Other World” where dead people are suppose to be right…?”

“So… why the hell are you kicking a dead person out of the “World of Death”!”


This is not the place you speak of.

..ok, so I am not dead..

“So, where is “This” place you speak of?”

As the silence continues, trying to open his eyes, as pain flows all over his body. Slightly opening his eyes, he sees nothing, only black, pure black.

Suddenly it hits him that, he is floating.

Water..? is it a river..?

Doesn’t feel wet…. What the hell is this if not death..

Feeling insecure, in this unknown sensation, not knowing where or what is happening, his body tense and his heart crushed as if it is gripped tightly by something, his throat dry with the fear of this unknown place.

But being not told what fear is or taught the feelings of fear. He starts relaxing himself, taking account of what has happened and is happening. He opens his mouth. Speaking in a slight, proper manner then before.

“I was suppose to have died, I know that. But you say that the place I am in is not that of people who have died nor is this place for people…“Beings” like me, so.. could you be kind enough to tell me where is this? The place I am in right now.”

… You, Being of Other World, step into the boundary of the World not meant for you. You being here will chance the World’s Flow from its true path. Leave.

Taking his time to put everything in place, clearing his mind, the black hair boy speak in a clam manner.

“… I.. I can not see anything right now nor do I know how to “leave” your “World”… and for some reason I feel like I am floating on nothing.. So, as you can see, maybe, I have no clue nor can I understand most of the things that are occurring right now.. in simple way so to speaking, I am helpless about any and everything presently and…”


Cutting him off, the mysterious voice in a clear high pitch, as if screaming at him continues.


Suddenly he felt a tug on the collar of his shirt and instantaneously as if something is cutting through his skin, the boy felt like he is being pulled by a car. A really fast car. Not being able to move his body, as if chained, moving at a tremendous speed as his skin felt like being peeled off his flesh. He crushes onto something hard. A sound echos.




Screaming in constant pain, a pain he is so familiar with courses through his already shattered body. A pain that felt like it is burning right beneath his skin; his flesh being torn bit by bit; his veins being poked by rough edge needles continuously; his bones being smashed through and through; as if water in stuck in his nose, with each breathe it burned more and more; a high pitch noise going through his brain as if to blow his ear-drums off; his teethes shivering as if unmeltable ice has being poured in his mouth; his lips, as if hitch to a hook, being pulled as blood drips slow and steady; his throat felt like thorns of thousands of needles being push down upon. Sensation of pains unknown to any human being continued to plunge itself to him.

His heart; soul; his whole existence screamed at this torment. Not because he was feeling a pain unimaginable even in death; not because this pain, even one ounce could kill half the human population, but because it reminded him of his past. A past he wish to forget every single day, every single breathe he took, he wished he would forget this past. But still, it remained by his side to this day.

He, suddenly, felt a small palm against his cheeks as if trying to take his pains and sorrows, all away. Slightly opening his eyes, he tries to find the owner of the hand. With his hazy vision, he makes out a blurry outline of a small child. Closing his eyes and giving it a moment, he opens them again, to find a small, young boy. Not being able to see properly because of low illumination. He asked the young boy with a calm, clear tone as if not to frighten the boy.

“Who are you?”

“..i..I’m Akira Atsuko.. “Akira” from “Bright”; “Atsu” as in “Honest” and “Ko” as “Child”!”

Even though the boy’s fear could be seen, the young boy, Akira Atsuko, put up a strong front as if to not show it, to not give in. Even though he knew that, he showed a slight smile on his face as if he is happy with the young child’s behavior.

“I am Heiashi, just Heiashi.”

Saying so to the young boy, he tried to get up from his laid position. Even though sharp pain coursed through his body, he managed to get up as if he did not feel anything and looked side ways as if to cross a road.

“Where are we, Akira?”

“..we..r.. We’re in a cave right now..”

Stuttering a bit the young boy answered. As he, Akira, tried to get up, he tilted, about to fall on the ground. Noticing that, Heiashi, quickly pushed his right arm through the air and took hold of Akira’s body. Unable to seen the young boys face properly, Heiashi laid Akira on the ground. Placing Akira’s head on his lap. Heiashi picked Akira’s left hand, placing his index and mid-finger on Akira’s wrist to feel the pulse while comparing it to his own pulse from his neck. It felt like Akira pulse rate was a little bit above normal. Then Heiashi place his right hand onto Akira’s forehead.

..slight fever…

Heiashi, taking off his shirt, makes it into a bundle and slowly places it below Akira’s head and moves his thigh away. Slight places his right hand onto Akira’s head.

“…rest a bit, I will go and look for food.. ‘k?”


Akira slight groans. A bit hesitant, Heiashi got up and started to move toward the mouth of the cave.


As Heiashi stepped outside the cave, he observed his surrounding.

Clouds of white surrounded ever and anything around. Slightly touching the tip of his tongue with his index finger, as a bit saliva soaked his index finger, he stretches his arm toward the sky.

..chilly but not much wind… damp air, fire wood would be a lucky fine huh.. POO

A bit angry at this situation, but still he continued. First, he stretched his body parts. As pain course through, he memories how much tension is required to feel immense amount of pain. Then he performed a few push-up to get the blood to flow through his body properly.

So, first a fire and a water source.. then food..

As he made notes of what needs to be done, he started to walk slowly, while observing the surrounding carefully as not to get lost. He quickly secures a few eatable mushrooms near a tree trunk, though it need to be boiled properly. As he continued to collect them, a strange noise fills the damp environment.


..great… what more poo is gonna get thrown in my plate..

Irritated, he puts the collected mushroom in both of his side pockets. As he continues to slowly walk, more vigilant then before, suddenly he smashes against something hard and hairy. As he is about to fall backward, he pushes his right leg back, as he tries to manage his balance, he forces his torso forward, having to use his left hand to stop his body getting smash face-first onto the ground. As he slightly rises his head, through the mist, clear red glowing eyes could be seen. A blur body, over 10 to 15 feet tall. A pair of reddish glowing eyes looking down upon him.


POO! How did it.. its presence.. not even an ounce leaked…

Know that fighting it is impossible, he slightly puts a helpless smile on his face.

“hmm.. could you, umm, let me go… please.. haha”

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