Chapter 01: Lost Soul

ahh, finally all the works are done.. fuu

Thinking so walks forward a boy of 19 years or so of age.
A boy of his age would prefer to wear more fashionable clothes, but he, wearing a simple white shirt, black pant and a pair of worn-off snicker walks toward his destination tired from his third part-time job today.

poo!! I needa shop today! Darn those idiots eating everything they find!


so tired… should start looking for a full-time job soon… where would they hire someone like me with a good pay, hmm..

Lost in thoughts of not being able to enter an university and unable to find a good pay full-time job, he continues through his daily route to the street vendor market. Reddest light illuminating his path as the street lamp are being turned on one after another, as the sun dies in the background and the stars take over the sky…


A piercing scream fills the void of this isolated street.

a female scream…?

Thinking to himself he turn toward his left, knowing there continues a back alley for the high-class restaurant he passes daily. Narrowing his eyes, to adjust to dark alley, he sees three figures. After a few seconds, clearly sees two huge overly muscular man shoving a female against the wall of a building, trying to hold her still. As the female tries to break free from her assailant, the other overly grown man punches her face breaking the silence of the street once more with a loud THUD.

After restraining her arms, the men looks toward the street making a sudden contact with the boy’s eyes. He quietly lowers his head as from the corner of his eyes he makes a contact with the battered victim’s eyes. Even it this dark, he clearly see the water gathering on her eyes, screaming for help. Begging for help and mercy.

not my problem…

Thinking so, lowering his shoulder and head walks away quietly but in slower pace then before. As if his body is being pull down to the Earth’s core, he drags his legs forward.

Even as guilt scourges itself upon him, he continues forward repeating the same thought over and over again in his mind.


Sudden, in his train of repetition, a high pitch voice cuts through.


Quickly turn his upper body 90 degree, looking back towards the alley he left behind, sees a young 10~13 year old running in.


The shout of an aged man could be heard from where he was standing.



Shouting in a frail voice, the female plead for help.

no.. don’t… don’t get involve..

Saying that to himself, as the boy turned towards the alley with eyes of guilt filled with shame. At that moment a lots of events took place at once.

1 Both the female and the young boy were thrown out of the alley; 2 crashing on the road, both daze from the impact; 3 out of nowhere a truck appears in the picture honking; 4 the boy dashes forward toward the bodies laying on the road; 5 somehow in 10 second he manages to dash 30 meters and take hold of both of the unconscious bodies; 6 ready to move but…


Noticing the truck is a hair’s breadth away, he stacks both the bodies on top of each other, knowing that throwing the bodies won’t be of success. He squeezes them toward his chest, turning his back toward the truck all at one moment as if time froze for him… him only.


As the tires squeal, the truck out of control. A instantaneous brake. The inertia force. The jerk of his inert body smashes against the wall.

and today’s fortune was suppose to be a “VERY LUCKY DAY”..

With his fading vision, he watches the truck driver running toward them, agitated; frightened; grisly.

guess i won’t have to shop today.. sigh… so tried yet I can’t even yawn now..

As his vision gets darker and darker, he sees people gathering. Moving, moving their bodies, moving their lips, their hands yet a cautious distance away from the possibly dead bodies.

As a stream of fluid flows from somewhere lining along his slightly open left eye. The pupil dilutes into a lifeless abyss of black.

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